Clear Vinyl Project List

Clear Vinyl Project List

I've made a lot of clear bags using various vinyl in the past few years, and thought I should make a list for you to locate all the different tutorials! 😄  Here are the available clear vinyls at sewhungryhippie.


Remember to read over this Vinyl Sewing Guide if you're brand new to vinyl! I included a free PDF download for your convenience. 


1. Clear Bag version A (Video walk-through) This one features Renaissance Ribbon trim as an extra touch.


2. Clear vinyl bag version B (Video walk-through)


3. Vinyl dop kits


4. Glitter-filled vinyl placemats (video)


5. See-through Woodstock bag hack  (video)


6. Comet Case


7. 10 min Vinyl zipper pouch (video)  sorry for the freaky photo LOL!


8. Vinyl Bin


9. Clear stand-up zipper cases tutorial only (video version is next)


10. Video for stand-up zipper cases (Live) on facebook


11. Keep Cases tutorial


12. See-through Santorini Tote (video)


13. Clear sewing machine cover tutorial (video)


14. Clear needle-keeper case


15. Clear key chain pouch



There are more tutorials happening all the time, feel free to browse my Tutorials page or my YouTube channel.

 Your support makes a huge difference, thank you!

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I’ve never sewn vinyl before. This is encouraging!

Deanna McHose

So helpful! Thank you!


Thank you!


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