Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Natalie, aka Sewhungryhippie.
I'm a former Army Nurse Corps Officer turned tree hugging, granola eating "hippie".  I create patterns for sewing and quilting projects that are modern and fresh, with the aim of helping everyone through - no matter your skill level.
Sewhungryhippie is all about MAKING. Just get started and stop worrying about the rest. FOR REAL.
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I hand pick select fabric and notions to stock ONLY if I use them too. Grab a cup of coffee and have fun browsing!
Yes you can sell what you make with my patterns on a home based scale. 
Yes I love it when you tag me on IG or Facebook  :D YAY!
I'm in this for the LOVE OF SEWING and MAKING.
I try to collaborate as much as possible, feel free to ask. Please know if I can't commit, it's due to time and family - not personal. I SUPPORT YOU!
***If you own a shop and carry my patterns or products PLEASE email me so I can shout about you!***  <3  Subject line :stockist or HEY LADY or YO yo yo... yoddlelayhehoooooooo.... bahahahaha
My email is hungryhippie(at)live(dot)c...
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MAKE WHAT YOU LOVE! Don't ever stop.