How to make vinyl zipper cases that stand up

How to make vinyl zipper cases that stand up

I love to organize, especially when my "organizing pieces" are gorgeous, like these colorful vinyl zipper cases.
I use these in my sewing drawer to organize buttons, poms, ribbon, and more.

Let's make a variation, with boxed corners so it stands up on its own, plus let's have it a little bigger for more shizzle.

Quilting acrylic templates
Scraps organizer
Zipper holder
Snacky Treat organizer (it's a thing)
Travel Wet Case

YOU NEED A TEFLON FOOT to sew vinyl with ease. For realz - it's worth the ten bucks, no joke. Watch my demo here:

New measurements for these bags:
Vinyl body pieces 16" W x 13" H
Fabric accents 16" W x 6" H
Interfacing 16" x 3"
Zipper tabs 2" x 3"
CUT zipper 1" shorter in width than your bag
**for this tutorial cut it to 15" long**
Make 2.5" boxed corners
Seam allowance 1/4"
Follow the steps exactly as they are in my first tutorial here, then add boxed corners at the very end, like this:
Here's a link to a video I made sewing a similar case:
My Guide to Sewing Vinyl is here. It's worth a quick read if you're new to vinyl.
(super easy)
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Tried this today and it turned out so cute. Great instructions. Thank you.


💯👍👏 Exelente

Almiria Alfonzo

Love your patterns and tutorials ❤️


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