Easy Sews Tutorial List with links

Easy Sews Tutorial List with links

Here are some quicker and easier projects for you to fit in between busy days. I don't know about you, but I feel happier when I can fit a bit of sewing into my day. I notice when I go 2 weeks without any sewing time I feel grumpier. 🤣 So even if you have 20 minutes, you could do a bit or all of a project below and keep your sanity. 

one hour basket tutorial


1. Clear Keep Case tutorial

2. Little Boxes

3. Key Fobs

4. Jelly Easy Zipper Case

5. Clear Zipper Case

6. Tissue Cozies

7. Key Chain Pouch

8. No-turning curvy pouch

9. Tree napkins 

10. Coffee Cozie

11. Sleep Mask - I have kits for this brand new! Find them here.

12. Scrunchies

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Agree we all need easy and fast projects when life gets busy and even sewing for 20 minutes makes us happier. Love having all of these tutorials together in one place, thank you Natalie!

Tamara Karlin-Bossier

Love love your emails and easy sews

Christine Mares

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