How to sew a sleep mask

How to sew a sleep mask


One piece each lining fabric and focus fabric -roughly 10" x 6"
2 pieces woven interfacing I use SF101
1 piece batting or fusible fleece
13 to 14" elastic **I always use soft elastic meant for underwear. 
Hand needle and thread

Use a 1/2" seam allowance throughout for extra strength.

1. Fuse SF101 to wrong sides of both fabrics.
***I show my pieces of interfacing and batting cut 1/4" smaller than the fabric, but actually I liked it better when I made them the same exact size. You do the way you like best, both ways work.
2. Fuse fleece on top of the layer of SF101 on lining piece. If using batting, press it in place-it will stick somewhat.

3. Attach elastic short ends to each side where marked on the pattern download. Right sides together, if your elastic has a right side. 

4. Place lining and focus fabrics right sides together and pin in place, making sure elastic is tucked inside and not in the way of sewing around the edge.

5. Carefully sew around entire edge, leaving an opening at the top where marked on pattern. As an alternative, I like to baste stitch the opening area and then unpick it when turning right sides out. It helps "train" the fabric to turn in. TRY THE MASK ON to make sure your elastic is comfortable and not too tight.

6. Clip curves or notch if desired.

7. Turn right sides out through opening, pressing all seams out with a knitting needle or pokey thing. Press well, tucking edges of opening inwards.

8. Sew opening closed with a whip stitch or slip stitch.

Wear your mask and feel Faaaaaaaaabulous dahhhhlings!


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