Vinyl Projects that take less than an hour

Vinyl Projects that take less than an hour

Here's a list of some easier projects using the stiffer vinyls in the shop  - they are still easy to sew but they have more structure than the Soft Vinyl and the Moonglow Vinyls.

These are projects that work with Stardust, Croc, Clear vinyls, Glitter Vinyls, and Specialty vinyl. Moonglow and Soft Vinyls will work as well, but I would interface them to have more structure.

Scrap packs are a great way to explore sewing with vinyl. Most of the below tutorials can be made with pieces from my famous scrap packs. 😄 


1. Little Boxes tutorial video

2. Vinyl Tissue Cases tutorial video

3. 5 minute Key Fob

4. Envelope Pouch

5. Vinyl itty bitty case

6. Keep Case

7. Key Chain Pouch

8. 10 minute vinyl zipper case

9. Betty Bow Pouch pattern (for the live demo I used fabric, but the original design was intentionally written for stiff vinyl).


The stiffer vinyls also make great contrast bottoms for the Santorini Tote, the Easy Zipper Cases pattern, and the Coffee House Bag front flap.  I personally love a regular or large size Santorini Tote made in Croc vinyl like the peach colored one below! I interface it with foam to have even more structure. 

I've made the Essential Oils Case exterior with croc and stardust vinyls easily as well. Please feel free to omit the inside pockets on ANY of my patterns to make the project faster and easier for you. I do this OFTEN! 😄🥰🥰🥰


If you're questioning interfacing and vinyl I have a talk here.

If you'd like to see the SOFT vinyl and how it behaves like fabric, here is a video.

Browse my live videos on YouTube for past recordings of vinyl topics, some really pack a lot of info in, and I answer questions as they arise.

The most important thing is to explore and experiment. You don't need anyone's permission to play around with materials and techniques.

Just DO it! 😄


**The vinyl in my shop is excellent for Embroidery in the Hoop projects; a scrap pack is a good start for experimenting with the different textures available.

I made a skeleton necklace here with Black Stardust. You can see me floating the vinyl on top of felt. If you're looking for fun embroidery in the hoop patterns, try Off with Their Threads and The Nosy Pepper. 😄



If YOU have an idea or a question you'd like answered, pop over to my Facebook Lives on Fridays at 11am CST. These lives are usually 30 min or less, and you can always watch the replay if you're at work and can't make it.


I have over 100 video tutorials on my YouTube channel as well, including pattern walk-throughs. The trick is to click the "VIDEO" tab to see them all on your screen (I had to learn that too, so if you've never seen it before you aren't alone). I highlighted it with a yellow circle below.


What are you waiting for?
Get sewing and exploring AND GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO MESS UP!  😄
It's the BEST way to learn.
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