Vinyl Scrap pack 1/2 lb mix

Vinyl: Croc
Vinyl: Glitter
Vinyl: Gumdrop
Vinyl: Moonglow
Vinyl: Soft Metallic
Vinyl: Specialty
Vinyl: Texture

Smaller scrap packs for Beginners- a half pound variety pack of vinyls in off cuts and end rolls. Some may have markings on the back side (not visible once sewn), and these cuts vary in size.

Photos show previous packs, your pack will vary.

These packs are intended to keep vinyl out of the landfill and meant as exploratory crafting - pieces are big enough for small zipper cases, jewelry making, crafts, embroidery in the hoop smaller projects, sewing smaller items, and collage art.

 Please do not buy this if you need specific sizing! Each pack varies. 

These packs will not be wrapped in tissue or bubble wrap (like my vinyl rolls always are) - they are value packs at low cost. This is intended to be an "explorer pack" for newbie vinyl enthusiasts! YAY!

Customer Reviews

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Loved the patterns. Will definitely order again.


Great selection. Excited to order more when I get done with current projects.

Lots of Scraps

So glad I got a piece of the soft vinyl in my scrap pack. Will definitely be ordering this to make the Curio Case.

Lots of options!!

This was a great opportunity to try vinyls. I’ve already made a couple of pouches. I’ll move on to try the stickier stuff once my Teflon foot arrives. I’ve tempted the fates and been successful thus far, but I can already see my luck is about to run out. Don’t want to ruin the pieces I have left.

Great scrap and color variety, most pieces...

Great scrap and color variety, most pieces are large enough to use in a small project like a zipper pouch. Already purchased a teflon zipper foot to use when sewing with vinyl, as recommended in your video! Thanks Natalie! :)