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Moonglow Watermelon vinyl

Vinyl: Moonglow
Vinyl: Texture

Watermelon moonglow vinyl is sort of pink, sort of red, and PERFECT for a fun, vibrant project! It has a luxurious feel with a matte finish and lots of texture. It feels very much like a drapey leather -- thick enough to hold body but thin enough to sew. It cuts easily with sewing shears. 

This listing is for watermelon moonglow in a matte finish. (Matte = no sheen) 

Each roll is 18" x 54-56" thickness is 0.7mm

You can interface if you wish, using whatever you prefer: foam, SF101, batting, fusible fleece, etc...   Often times I don't interface, it makes for a slouchier bag. The Santorini Tote pattern is PERFECT for this vinyl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eve K. Benesh
beautiful glowing faux leather

The “Moonglow” faux leathers are beautiful (I ordered them all!) with a soft glowy shimmer-but nothing too shiny. And I love the pebble texture as it comes across as more “leather-like”. The best quality I’ve seen (and ordered). They work beautifully for the Estrella Bag by Oro rosa Patterns. I use waterproof vinyl for the lining so no interfacing is necessary.

Rae Irvine
Loved the color and the vinyl.

I enjoy all your products. I made the sew sweetness hobo bag with moon glow watermelon.