Soft Vinyl Drawstring Bags -make any size!

Soft Vinyl Drawstring Bags -make any size!

This live sew I'm showing you how to make a drawstring bag with soft vinyl and quilting cotton. You are welcome to use just fabric if you like but I want to show how easy to sew the soft vinyl is, it's just like fabric. 

Here is the link to the video.

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Cut your (4) pieces to 17" x 15"   - two exterior, two lining

Interface if you're using quilting cotton. You may choose to interface the lining with SF101.

I serged my first bag around all edges to stop fraying. In the video I show you how to use pinking shears if you don't have a serger. You may also want to use a zig zag stitch to sew the bag together, it does help prevent fraying.

Sew one exterior piece WST with one lining pieces around the outer edges with a 1/4" SA. Repeat for remaining exterior and lining pieces.

Fold 1" down from top edge to create drawstring casing. (Please watch video, these are sparse instructions.)

DO NOT sew over the casing area when sewing the bag together in next step.

Sew the two sets exteriors RST.

Make boxed corners, sew.

Turn bag RSO and press with a pressing cloth if using soft vinyl, OR press from the inside. Insert drawstrings as shown.



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Do you have a video fir this. Lease send me a link. Thsnks


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