Altering Jeans Tutorial

Altering Jeans Tutorial

Tutorial of my Scrappy Jean Makeover:

I was sick of the skinny jean first I cut these up.
No measuring, I just eyeballed it-cut a "V" and go to the height of your knee, roughly.

Collect your scraps and start patch working a rectangle. I randomly selected and sewed. My rectangle was roughly 9x13 inches.

(Sometimes I get confused-so for clarity's sake, 13" is the long edge from bottom to knee. Nine wide.)

Then trim it to a triangle shape that fits the shape of your split jeans. Cut another piece of fabric for the back side of this patchwork piece.

Get out the Wonder Under (double sided adhesive bonding material) and cut it to the same shape.
We will back the patchwork with other fabric so that the edges don't tickle your legs whilst you wear these jeans.

Follow the instructions on the Wonder Under. Peel it off slowly, laying it down on the back side of the patchwork, and then placing the other fabric right side up (facing you) and PRESS.

Here is a pic of the wrong side fabric (right side facing me), the wonder under in the middle, then the patchwork piece wrong side facing me.


Now slip in the triangle shaped piece you've just finished, pin well, and sew it in from the top (right side of the jeans)...
There may be a better way of doing this, but when I tried several different ways, this seemed like the least of all the evils.

Just go slow, breathe.

Here it's all pinned and ready to be sewn in:


That part is finished, whew!
Trim all the threads and then move on to hand embellishing if you like.

I had lots of stains to cover, so I made patches and hand stitched to cover all those blemishes.

I used Wonder Under again to hold my patches in place while I sewed them on.

Like this-

Cut into some patches if you like, because after a washing they will fray up and look "rag style" like those famous rag quilts.

I added some buttons for color pop and quirkiness.

At the end, I pulled on all the edges to fray up the look even more. The more you wash and dry the jeans the better they look. Maybe I'm just a kid of the 90's--but the "used and worn in" look really appeals to me.

With the left over patches you could make a clutch.

Hope the tutorial was alright, if you have any questions just email me.
Thanks for stopping by.
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