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NEW Soft Vinyl Seafoam

Vinyl: Soft Metallic

Seafoam or mint green with rainbow hues. This is the newer color run - brighter and more vivid than the original run.

Each piece is 18" x 56" 

A luxuriously soft faux leather in a metallic / crackle style finish, perfect for sewing. This 'vinyl" is a very soft fabric and has a brushed woven backing for easy sewing. It can be washed and dried on cool settings in your machine, so projects made with it can be easily cared for and last ages. 

-Use a Universal needle size 80 (the normal needle used for most sewing).

-Easily sews with a normal sewing foot, walking foot, or a Teflon foot.

-Soft, non-sticky feel. A metallic shiny finish gives an edge and pOp to your projects.

-Use for bag making, embroidery in the hoop projects, crafts, and even garments that hold body. See my circle skirt in silver in photos! :)

-Please do not use scotch tape on this vinyl, as it can peel the finish off. Washi tape is generally safe.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Cheri S.
New soft vinyl

Very nice to work with and love the color

Jenny H.
Sea foam soft vinyl

The sea foam color of just lovely! If you haven’t tried sewing with the soft vinyl you need to get it. It sees like a dream! Love this stuff!

Bonnie R.
Sews like a dream

New Soft Vinyl is so pretty and easy to work with. I'm making my second NCW (necessity clutch wallet) using this vinyl for the outside which involves folding it to make the side gussets. The New Soft Vinyl is easy to manipulate and doesn't stick or drag under the pressure foot. A pleasure to use..

Pamela K.
Soft vinyl

Love it so much. Easy to work with. I made a bag and had no trouble with my sewing machine. Went right into the vinyl with ease. The color is beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ruth C.
Soft Sea Foam Vinyl

Absolutely gorgeous and sews like a dream!