This private page is for Candy Crush graduates! 😄😄😄

THANK YOU for sewing with me! YOU ALL MADE My August SO SO LOVELY!!!

You guys are absolute ROCK STARS and I looked forward to every live, every zoom, and every email I received. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Here are the links you will want for any future views to what we've done these past 4 weeks.


VIMEO (this will house all Zooms, all LIVES, and snippet videos that I linked in the emails):

Use password "candycrushqal" to viw the above link.


Candy Crush QUILT video:

Candy Crush MINI video:


Instagram reels:

Instagram IGTV:





HAVEL's Sewing discount code: Natalie7

I only use Havels Sewing cutting mats and tools. To me they are superior, as I usually burn a cutting mat out in a few months -- these have lasted me over 2 years and are still going strong.

I love the 45mm and 60mm rotary cutters - they have a sleek design and safety measures so the blade doesn't stick out.  I use their embroidery snips for cleaning stray threads off my quilt tops, so often that I have 3 pairs.

I also use their scalpel tool for unpicking, when they get it back in stock I would snatch it up. It's ultra simple to use and super precise. I will do a video snippet showing you how to change the blade (watch for it on Instagram).


As you heard me say, I use my Oliso mini iron the most out of all my irons. It's super hot super fast and is light weight. I use it for quilting, bag making, and garment sewing. I'm going to purchase another one soon - probably purple!


You saw me sew these 2 quilt tops on the Janome Skyline, but even if that is out of budget consider their simpler machines. I AM A HUGE FAN of SIMPLE machines. I used a mechanical machine for over 12 years as my ONLY sewing machine. This is why we are giving away the Sewist 721 - I'm a fan!

Using quality fabric will level up your projects with ZERO extra effort from you. I love shopping small quilt shops because they REALLY DO CARE and will help you on choices. You don't get this kind of service on amazon folks! Shop small whenever you can. 😄

I use Schmetz needles, but other good brands include Organ and Superior. Find what your machine likes best and stick with it. Use the correct needle for your project - it makes a HUGE difference. 

Wonder clips are a godsend invention and I'd love to shake the hand of the woman who invented them. Get them, in all sizes. You can use the jumbo size on your bag of chips FYI.   😂



Spesh savings code to the Sewhungryhippie shop for Graduates: CRUSH2021 This discount code will end November 1, 2021.


Blog post with Final Finishes of YOUR QUILTS will be posting sometime after Sep 5th on

 If your social media is set to private, I will not link to you but use your first name only as an identifier. If you prefer an alias, just let me know. LOL!


You can ALWAYS get in touch with me via email:

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Even though this QAL is over, I am here for you.

 Talk soon!


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