Skillbuilder Session: RIVETS

Skillbuilder Session: RIVETS

In this tutorial, Romel teaches us how to safely remove rivets using a rivet removal tool. After the demo, I use my Santorini Tote which I use on every travel trip, as an example of how to remove rivets and then place NEW ones.


The Video link is here.


Find the removal tool here.

Steps to use:

  1. Place hardware with "cap" side facing up, and "post" side on the bottom. 
  2. Indent the cap to stop slipping.
  3.  Align bottom of post with corresponding sized hole in base.
  4. Hammer blunt spike into cap until bottom hardware falls through.
  5. Remove any remaining hardware, pliers may be needed for leverage. Be careful as there may be sharp shrapnel from the removal process.



My hole punch (affiliate link) is here.


Find the Santorini Tote pattern (mine is the largest size) here.

The vinyl bottom is made with Moonglow Taupe, found here.


Leather straps are here.


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