Sew-able Leather Straps

Sew-able Leather Straps

Sewing the straps and handles into a bag is one of my least fave tasks. At that point I'm just READY TO BE DONE.

Imagine my joy when I discovered a leather strap that is completely sew-able! No hardware needed to attach these babies.

They are strong, beautiful, and are 100% leather.

I now have them made in several shades and will be expanding color choices in the future.

This is my go-to choice for bag handles!


I carry two different widths in my shop HERE.

1.25" width and 3/4" width.

Both varieties are 45" long.

I often cut one strap into two pieces and use them the way I show in the video below.

Sometimes I use the full length and add an adjustable buckle, using it as a cross body strap.

For example this Coffee House Bag:

You CAN use rivets on these straps if you choose to.

A Santorini Tote palooza!

This is the Santorini Tote in peach croc vinyl with caramel leather straps 3/4" width.

This is my favorite bag make to date. It was at Spring Market 2019 in the Checker booth.

Here is the video - thanks for subscribing!

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