Sew-able Leather Straps

Sew-able Leather Straps

Sewing the straps and handles into a bag is one of my least fave tasks. At that point I'm just READY TO BE DONE.
Watch the Live Sesh here.

No hardware needed to attach these babies.

They are strong, beautiful, and are 100% leather.

This is my go-to choice for bag handles!


I carry three different widths in my shop HERE.

3/4" width

1"  width

1 1/4" width

All varieties are 44-45" long.

I often cut one strap into two pieces and use them the way I show in the video below.
Sometimes I use the full length and add an adjustable buckle, using it as a cross body strap.
For example this Coffee House Bag:

Use a Chrome Universal needle size 80/12, find them here.

I use Gutermann all-purpose thread in any color, find them here in the shop.

Do a practice first on a piece of scrap, go slowly, and find your favorite look. I like to use a 3mm to 3.5mm stitch length, very easy to do and see the stitches.

You CAN use rivets on these straps if you choose to.


This is the Santorini Tote in peach croc vinyl with 3/4" wide leather straps.

Here is the video - thanks for subscribing!

Here is an updated live session where I demonstrate these straps.

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