My Top 10 favorite Sewing Must-Haves

My Top 10 favorite Sewing Must-Haves

Here are the tools I reach for CONSTANTLY. My sewing game leveled up once I started using the proper tools for sure - yours will too! 

1. Double sided sticky tape for zipper insertions

2. Expert Point & Press tool (I use as a stiletto and corner pusher outer)

3. Mini Oliso iron for pressing the INSIDE of my bags

4. TEFLON FOOT for sewing vinyl

5. Chrome Microtex needles size 80/12

6. Gutermann (high quality) all purpose thread - the poly content makes it stronger. Some folks like other kinds of thread, but my machines all LOVE Gutermann.

7. Hot Press Hem Ruler - omg so wonderful!

8. Wonder Clips in all sizes from regular to Jumbo

9. Nylon Mallet for pounding seams

10. Zipper Jig

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Fun miscellaneous items:

1. Note pads for jotting

2. Hot Pink Rubber Bands

3. Magnetic mini screwdriver set

4. Hole Puncher tool

5. Jumbo Olfa Cutting mat

6. My funky glasses  (I wear the Quinn and my fave frame is Botanical Split, followed by leopard, then teacups, then Van Goh.)


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