How to Sew a glitter filled Zipper Case pouch

How to Sew a glitter filled Zipper Case pouch

Learn to sew a glitter filled zippy case using 10 or 12 gauge clear vinyl. Find 10 gauge here. Find 12 gauge here.
If you're NEW to sewing vinyl, my FREE Sewing with Vinyl guide is worth a quick read through. Find it here and YES there's a PDF printable version now too. YAY!
I made a vinyl shape as a focal point for the front of the pouch. You can omit this if you'd like.
Or try a different shape. The technique is the same, no matter what you choose.
These cases remind me of those jelly bracelets I had in the 80's.

On the back I left the space open so the glitter can float around.

Go on, you know you want to make one!



Fabric for exterior and lining : two coordinating fat quarters


10 or 12 gauge vinyl


9” zipper / Zipper sewing machine foot very helpful


Teflon sewing foot


SF 101 fusible woven interfacing at least 20” x 20”




Wonder Clips


Universal chrome sewing needle for machine 80/100


Seam allowance is a generous 1/4” throughout unless otherwise stated - adjust as needed around zipper tabs.




Cut 2 exterior fabric pieces measuring 9 1/2” wide x 8 1/2” tall, along with 2 lining pieces, 2 SF 101 pieces, and 2 vinyl pieces at the same measurements.


Fuse SF101 to wrong side of exterior fabric pieces.


Cut 2 zipper tables at 3 ½” x 2 ½"



Trim zipper to exactly 8 ½” in length and sew across zipper teeth on each end to keep ends together.


Fold zipper tab short ends in to meet and press. Open and fold each short end back in to meet at the middle crease, press again.
Fold again so the zipper end can be tucked in to meet the crease and sew, catching all layers. Trim even with zipper tape.

Notice right end of zipper is trimmed. Repeat with the opposite end.
Place interfaced exterior fabric piece right side up on the work surface. Sprinkle glitter over fabric. Carefully place vinyl piece on top and use wonder clips to hold vinyl in place. (Use a lot of clips.)

Attach the Teflon sewing foot onto the machine and sew around all sides to secure.


Repeat this for other exterior piece.


OPTIONAL -- add a design to hold the glitter. My example are these lips.


Cut 2 pieces of vinyl lip shape (pattern piece here).


Sew around the perimeter of lips and leave an opening to funnel in the glitter.


Sew opening closed. Add the middle line of the lip by drawing with a pen, then sew slowly right over the pen marking.


Place & center lips on front exterior body piece (with vinyl). It’s easy to find the center if you fold the exterior piece in half making a crease, then again top to bottom and make a crease.
Place lips on the cross mark of these two creases.
Attach teflon sewing foot and sew around lip applique with a satin stitch or straight stitch.





8 Place zipper right side down onto the exterior lining up the top edge with one side of zipper tape.



8. Place zipper foot on sewing machine and sew on faint line in middle of zipper tape to secure all layers. Finger press these layers away from the zipper.






Repeat to add the other exterior and lining side. Make sure to line up the sides with the first set we added, so one side isn’t off kilter from the other.




Press from the lining side if using an iron, to prevent messing up the vinyl. Make sure both sides are away from the zipper, then open zipper.
Place exteriors right sides together and use clips to hold in place. (Pins will leave holes in the vinyl.)
Place linings right sides together and pin in place, leaving an opening at the bottom of 4” for turning out later. Sew around entire perimeter, excluding 4” opening. Be careful to avoid sewing over the zipper tabs on the ends- jog around them if need be.


Turn right side out and sew opening closed.
Push lining back into pouch and press corners with a chop stick or turning tool.

Arrow points to place (on both sides) you will need to push out for a professional look. Be careful so you don’t poke through. Sometimes you'll need to adjust the seam allowance at these tabs to avoid sewing over them (puckered look).


All finished- well done!


As an option, you could always add boxed corners or a different applique shape. Have fun with it.


I can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Tag me on IG if you make one- I'd love to see!

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