Clear Vinyl Pattern Protector Project

Clear Vinyl Pattern Protector Project

In this sewing tutorial I'll show you how to easily create your own vinyl Pattern Protector. I love these as they keep my patterns clean and together, and can be used as a storage tool as well.

Watch the LIVE demo here.

Let's get started.

I'm using Sew Hungry Hippie 10 gauge CLEAR vinyl for this project, as it is easily sewn with home sewing machines. I'm using SHH water resistant canvas in cream for an easy/no fuss/ no fray binding option.

Grommet setting is optional. I will have a tutorial for this next week.

 Cut pieces as follows:

(1) 10" wide x 14.5" tall clear vinyl piece

(1) 10" wide x 13 tall clear vinyl piece

(3) 10.5" wide x 1" tall binding pieces from WRC

Put these binding pieces on each "top" section of the clear vinyl pieces.

The rest of the binding is done while the 2 vinyl sheets are together.

(2) 14.5" x 1" WRC pieces for side binding sections


It is very helpful to have a Teflon (non-stick) foot on your sewing machine for this project.

I use microtex needles when sewing vinyl.

I use Gutermann Sew-All thread for all my vinyl projects. Most of the time I am using a 3mm to 4mm stitch length.

Find DSST here in my shop, you will use it all the time! 

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It seems like that would be a great idea!


Can you put the binding on one side larger to put gromlets so you can put it in a binder?

elizabeth oneal

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