Bardot Bucket Hat sewing pattern

Bardot Bucket Hat sewing pattern

The Bardot (pr. "bar-dough") Bucket hat sewing pattern has you covered as far as hats go! There are 4 size options (head size) and 3 brim size options.

It is a super quick sew once you understand the pattern pieces, which I made a complete video course for you if you're not as confident.

I spent 27 minutes making the hat from cut to finish - including cutting the interfacing.


What to know:

You'll need 1 3/4 yard woven interfacing - yes this seems like a lot, but we fuse it to all the wrong sides of both exterior and lining fabrics. YOU NEED this much, and you'll need 2 yards if making the extra wide brim.

You can quilt the brim if you want to, I prefer not to.

You can use almost any material - I've made soft vinyl hats, canvas hats, denim, chambray, quilting cotton, Oxford cloth, and cut up old clothes.

This is beginner friendly provided you can follow my video course OR read a pattern.

YES you can sell your handmade hats in your craft shows and booths - if anyone asks for the pattern please send them to my website at

I prefer to sew my interfacings into all seams, that way they NEVER shift. If you prefer to do it another way, go right ahead! A pattern is a guide. 🥰😄


The 4 size options for the Bardot Bucket Hat are Pug/Doll size, Small, Regular (this size fits most), and Large for exceptionally brain filled noggins.

I found most people fit the regular size during testing. If you are sensitive to hats or headbands, or if you have luxurious, poofy hair, you may want to make the large.

THIS IS WHY I suggest a muslin in the opening paragraph of the sewing pattern. A muslin is a test-sew, made from cheap fabric or (muslin cloth) and sewed together with a baste stitch. Nothing is pressed or fussed over, it's just a way to test the fit before cutting your precious fabrics.

The brim size options are small or traditional bucket hat brim, medium (my fave if doing weeding or gardening), and extra wide (also my fave but when lounging or sitting around pretending to be interested in a game or event).

Here are some photos of real people:



small/traditional brim

I love how he "shaped" the brim to look extra Crocodile Dundee.


 medium brim


extra wide brim

I think the extra wide brim looks best in a darker color or the same fabric like Kim's hat above. My pink color below looks a little weird to me. But maybe it's because I made it, you know that weird thing that happens sometimes...

Here is the Bardot Bucket Hat PDF pattern by itself.

Here is the Bardot Bucket Hat Course which includes the PDF pattern.

Enjoy sewing Bardot and tag me @sewhungryhippie when you make it!

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Wow! The pattern goes together so well! I have made six with the medium brim, one with the narrow brim, and the Pug size! Love this pattern. Barely have to clip it to sew it together. Thank you for a great pattern!


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