Back to School Projects - You Can Sew Now 😄🥰

Back to School Projects - You Can Sew Now 😄🥰

It's that time of year again, time to start our Back to School sewing. To help make this easier for you, we have complied a list of 19 Sew HungryHippie projects and one extra freebie, to help you get started on your back to school sewing.

Some of these projects are quicker sews, while others may take you a little bit longer. We think these are great patterns and whomever you give them to, will love them.

We hope you'll find this helpful, and can't wait to see your back to school sews!


1. Trina Backpack - a perfect backpack for anyone, and there are multiple sizes to suit your needs

2. Confetti Case  - makes a great pencil case or any supply case

3. Clear Zipper Case  - great for a pencil case

4. Vinyl Drawstring Bags  - great for dirty gym clothes, or for carrying shoes back and forth

5. iPad case - carry your iPad case around in style while protecting it

6. Little Boxes - makes great pencil holders, tools or even makeup

7. Any quilt pattern  - great for snuggling under while studying 

8. Coffee Cozie - for high school, college or university students

9. Vinyl tissue cases - every kid needs these in their backpack, locker or desk

10. Key Fob - a place for all those keys

11. Scrunchies - perfect for matching all your outfits and you'll look stylish too

12. Sleep Mask  - perfect for keeping our light, for those who have a hard time sleeping in brighter rooms

13. Scrappy Rope Rug - perfect for students going away to school, like dorms

14. Clear Keychain Pouch - perfect for keys and spare change

15. Easy Shopper Tote - again, for students going away for school to use when grocery shopping

16. Easy Zipper Cases - pencils, makeup, or anything you can think of

17. Time for Change Pouch  - great for pizza money, etc

18. Go Passport Wallet - perfect for the high school or college/university student

19. 1 Hr Baskets  - perfect for organizing a desk or dorm room

20. Hanging Hand Sanitizer Holder 2.0 - this is a pattern by Michelle Graham of mgrahamsews. This is great to have hanging on a backpack or bag, easy access to clean your hands

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