Santorini Tote recessed zipper tutorial

Santorini Tote recessed zipper tutorial

Update with relaunch
Friday April 1, 2022
Recessed zipper hack for the Santorini Tote pattern.
I have so many hacks for this sewing pattern. Not only are there three size options to make, but also a video walk through for the purse sized version here, cork straps, sewable leather straps tutorial, contrast bottom options, clear Santorini hack, and now an updated recessed zipper opening.




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I’d like to do the recessed zipper for the Santorini tote but the YouTube link on your website and from my saved pattern indicates the video is private. Also, I tried to link to the pdf from your website and that came up as page not found. Help! Thanks!

Nancy McCauley

Where is your store?


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