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Purple Mirrorshine

Vinyl: Specialty

Purple Mirrorshine - so rich in color and shine it steals the show. I did not edit these photos at all in the hopes you can see the color super accurately.  Computer monitors and phone screens DO vary. 

Absolutely like a mirror- this vinyl is incredibly reflective. It looks Ahmazing on bags! Purple-ish magenta-ish hue in color, and feels just like my Stardust vinyls- thin enough to sew but sturdy enough to hold up.

Sew with a universal chrome needle size 80 or 90 and a Teflon non-stick foot..

Thickness is 0.7mm with a soft fabric backing in white or black.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is Magical!

Purple Mirrorshine is magical! The color is deep and rich. The mirror effect is stunning. I can't wait to use it on my next project!!!

Mariana Cary
Gorgeous color

As always, great quality and easy to sew

Rebecca Cook
Great Fabric

I love this fabric so much! It will be perfect for all my fun bag making projects!