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Paper pads stack To-Do list

Many of you wrote me asking for more of these, thank you so much! I can't tell you how happy that made me. I designed this (at first for myself) to remember the things I need to do each day. It's meant to be uplifting and remind you to also take time for YOU. I try to keep positive thoughts circulating, it does help to keep the day brighter and feeling lighter. These make nice little gifts for anyone.

Measures 6.5" wide x 9" tall

50 sheets per pad

On the paper pad there is:

-Top Priorities section


-"Practice makes progress"

-Hydration hexagons to keep track

-Movement/ steps goal area

-To-Do section

-"Don't forget this" section

-Acts of kindness / taking time to do something you enjoy goals

-Gratitude Thoughts area (try to write at least one thing per day here)

This is printed locally and ethically using Wisconsin paper and biodegradable inks. It is really important to me to support other local businesses, and Wisconsin Printing Co is my FAVORITE printer.

Limited supply

*If you subscribed to the Happy Box, this is included in the JUNE box.


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Pratical and Pretty

Not only a pretty pad, but so practical and helpful!!