Blue Moon

Vinyl: Moonglow
Vinyl: Texture

NEW (Moonglow) style in BLUE! We're calling it BLUE MOON.

This super soft supple vinyl has a luxurious feel and look with a matte finish and lots of texture. It feels very much like a drapey leather - thick enough to hold body but thin enough to sew.

This listing is for blue moon in matte finish.

Matte = no sheen.

Each cut is 54" long and either 18" wide or 36" wide, allowing ample room for large bag making. Cuts easily with sewing shears - feels like buttA.

Free PDF guide for sewing vinyl in the shop under top menu "Vinyl Tips".

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Exactly what I expected!

I purchased the Blue Moon Moonglow vinyl to make special EpiPen pouches for myself and one of my daughters, whose favorite color is blue. The material sewed easily, even with the lining and InsulBrite layer. And I was even able to transfer gold foil to it with my Cricut Maker. Woo hoo!

So pretty

The vinyl is so pretty and easy to sew.