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#5 Zipper Black & Rose Gold Pack

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This pack includes 3 yards of black tape with Rose Gold nylon coil (metal look, easy to sew and cut) AND 9 rose gold pulls.  

Join my group to see me attaching the pulls here:

This set matches SOFT black vinyl, Moonglow black, Glossy black, and black Vegan Leather.

Zipper tape is easy to sew and cut, the teeth are metal-look but are actually nylon. This set is #5 for bag making (though I've used them for garments too; the wider tape makes them easy to sew). 

You will need to put the pulls on after you cut your zipper to desired length. There are TONS of youtube videos on zipper pull insertion. Once you get the hang of it, it's a cinch.


Customer Reviews

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Debbie Wittmer
Beautiful zipper tapes

After using the Try Me packs and loving them, I ordered the black with rose gold and the white with rainbow zipper tapes and pulls. Easy to use and looks so good on my zipper bags!

Edna Anderson

Great looking items! Very pleased🤗