Stardust Black

Vinyl: Glitter

Black Stardust iridescent vinyl for sewing, embroidery in the hoop projects, crafts, jewelry, and more. This listing is for one 1/2 yard piece piece measuring approx 18" x 54".

Stardust vinyl is super sparkly and gorgeous, it has rainbow reflections when the sun touches it that dance on the surface.

It's is perfect to sew with- especially if making the Santorini Tote (pattern in my shop).

Stardust vinyl is strong and sturdy but thin enough to sew with a Universal chrome needle size 80 or 90 and a home sewing machine.I highly recommend using a teflon foot to sew with vinyls. 

Thickness is 0.7mm with a soft fabric backing in white or black.

Multiple colors available in the shop. 

Customer Reviews

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Samantha D.
Love it!

Easily one of my favorites - holo effect is super subtle upon first glance, but really striking in the sunshine or under a bright light!

Bearclaw2001 Runolfsdottir
Loved using the black stardust glitter vin...

Loved using the black stardust glitter vinyl in the handbag I made for a friend. Love this shop! Very quick response and really appreciate the little samples she sends with the order.