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Leopard Clear Vinyl

Vinyl: Specialty
Vinyl: Transparent

Clear vinyl with STUNNING leopard spots and a super smooth finish. The caramel and chocolate-toned print is spaced perfectly to maintain a touch of mystery when it comes to creating a clear bag or clutch!

This vinyl is approximately 12 gauge, as described below, but it is not as stiff as a typical 12 gauge vinyl. Some sewists have reported needing to adjust tension when working with this vinyl, expect to experiment a bit with this one before embarking on your masterpiece!

The vinyl will arrive in plastic protective sheeting, peel this protective film before use.

Each roll is 1 piece measuring 18" x 54" (1/2 yard)

Thickness / Gauge Information:

0.4 mm (approx 12 gauge but not as stiff as normal 12 gauge vinyls)


IF you have QUESTIONS about thickness please ask! I've been sewing vinyl bags for over 10 years so I know what I'm talking about. I only carry the BEST vinyl. ALL are easy to sew with a Teflon foot. Here is my FREE GUIDE for sewing vinyl.

If you have trouble turning right sides out, use a blow dryer to warm the vinyl and then turn out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jayree B.

I am going to make a friend a bag for her birthday. I've got everything cut out. Can't wait to have time to sew it.

Simply Gorgeous

Perfect gauge and print for the projects were a clear vinyl is needed.

Beautiful vinyl print

I made a stand up zipper bag and I love it!

Karen P.
Best Customer Service

Love doing business with SewHungryhippie. She is right there to answer questions and if something is wrong she makes it right…Pronto.

Leopard clear vinyl

I love this vinyl! It’s very easy to sew, and turning my bag was easy too!