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Moonglow Watermelon vinyl

Vinyl: Moonglow
Vinyl: Texture

Watermelon moonglow vinyl is sort of pink, sort of red, and PERFECT for a fun, vibrant project! It has a luxurious feel with a matte finish and lots of texture. It feels very much like a drapey leather -- thick enough to hold body but thin enough to sew. It cuts easily with sewing shears. 

This listing is for watermelon moonglow in a matte finish. (Matte = no sheen) 

Each roll is approximately  18" x 54-56" thickness is 0.7mm and is cut at the factory.

This vinyl looks amazing with Anna Maria's echinacea in Glow.

You can interface if you wish, using whatever you prefer: foam, SF101, batting, fusible fleece, etc...   Often times I don't interface, it makes for a slouchier bag. The Santorini Tote pattern is PERFECT for this vinyl.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alisa I.
Moonglow watermelon

Just a beautiful shade of Corally bright pink…love it!

Tamara C.

Love the color and the texture!

Becky B.
Moonglow Watermelon Vinyl

Absolutely Beautiful! In person is always so much better than a Picture! Get some you will love it!! I do!

Ruth C.
Watermelon Moonglow Vinyl

I absolutely love all the Moonglow vinyl. The colors are vibrant and it’s easy to sew!

Eve K.B.
beautiful glowing faux leather

The “Moonglow” faux leathers are beautiful (I ordered them all!) with a soft glowy shimmer-but nothing too shiny. And I love the pebble texture as it comes across as more “leather-like”. The best quality I’ve seen (and ordered). They work beautifully for the Estrella Bag by Oro rosa Patterns. I use waterproof vinyl for the lining so no interfacing is necessary.