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Moonglow Black

Vinyl: Moonglow
Vinyl: Texture

Black moonglow vinyl has a luxurious feel and look with a matte finish and lots of texture. It feels very much like a drapey leather -- thick enough to hold body but thin enough to sew. It cuts easily with sewing shears. 

This listing is for black vinyl in a matte finish. (Matte = no sheen) 

Each roll is 18" x 54"

Cuts easily with sewing shears - feels like buttA. Sews like a dream.

You can interface if you wish, using whatever you prefer: foam, SF101, batting, fusible fleece, etc...   Often times I don't interface, it makes for a slouchier bag. The Santorini Tote pattern is PERFECT for this vinyl. All sizes of this pattern work for EVERY SINGLE VINYL in my shop. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Naomi Bullock
Moonglow is a dream!

Honestly, I'm not that knowledgeable where vinyl is concerned...but out of ALL the vinyl I have had the opportunity to work with, it has been put to shame by Moonglow! I bought the black and the taupe, and they just feel so amazing to work with! They are easy to manipulate when sewing AND when "birthing" bags and pouches. And the color was exactly what I was hoping for in person! They are matte, but with a glow to them. I guess that's why they're named Moonglow lol! Beautiful! They are my new fave, I can't wait to see if any other colors come out, and I can not wait to buy some more!!

Deborah Truitt

Truly beautiful vinyl. I’m making a handbag with the black and champagne.

penny schabel

Love it.

Betty Mickel
Moonglow black i

This vinyl is dreamy to work with. Easy to see and looks so rich!!! Just love it!

Moonglow Black

I received the Moonglow black vinyl it is lovely. I can't wait to sew something special with it.