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#5 Zipper Black & Rainbow Pack

This pack includes 3 yards of black tape with Rainbow nylon coil (metal look, easy to sew and cut) AND 9 rainbow iridescent pulls.

Watch the video to attach pulls in the Makers Group, (ask to join you'll be approved); link here:

This set matches Deep Space SOFT vinyl,  SOFT black vinyl, Moonglow black, Glossy black, and black Vegan Leather.

Zipper tape is easy to sew and cut, the teeth are metal-look but are actually nylon. This set is #5 for bag making (though I've used them for garments too; the wider tape makes them easy to sew). 

You will need to put the pulls on after you cut your zipper to the desired length. There are TONS of youtube videos on zipper pull insertion. Once you get the hang of it, it's a cinch. OR you can get a zipper jig here. My 1 min demonstration is linked. 


Customer Reviews

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Vicki D.
Gorgeous zipper

This zipper is so gorgeous with the rainbow zipper teeth, looks even better than the picture. The zipper pulls are fantastic, what’s not to love. Will order this again when needed.

Black Rainbow Zipper

Awesome!! I am new to the zipper by the yard scene and initially was a intimidated by it. It was so much easier than I thought. Without a jig or device, I was able to get my zip together in a couple of minutes. And the bonus is not only is it a quality product, but it is beautiful as well. And shipping on all products has been extremely fast. Thank you Natalie for awesome products and shipping so quickly!!!

Tamara K.
Black Rainbow Zipper Pack is Awesome!

The black rainbow zipper pack is great for so many projects and goes perfectly with the deep space soft vinyl.

Jeanne M.

#5 Zipper Black & Rainbow Pack

Becca G.
Great zipper!

I had to find a video about how to put the pulls on, but now I am ready to make more bags and already ordered a different color!