Surprise Vinyl Club now accepting members

Surprise Vinyl Club now accepting members

We have a super fun Vinyl Club starting July 15th. It's only 3 months long, meaning after 3 months this club ends automatically, nothing for you to worry about at all.

Each month we'll be sending out a full roll (18" x 54") of super-classy gorgeous vinyl right to your door. Nobody else will be able to purchase it during the 3 month club, it's exclusive to members! These will be solid colors with texture, easily sewn on a domestic machine. (*None of the vinyls have prints or licensed designs, but are classic and useful for all.)

I'll share what I make with it in a video, and you can follow along if you wish or make your own project.

Shipping is free for Domestic orders. Right now worldwide shipping is enabled at a reduced rate.

I'd love to have you along, join today as this has limited openings.

(There will not be extras!)

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Is this still available and what is the cost. Thank you

Barbara Schilling

What’s the cost?


I just want to know how much… Can you send me a link?

Samantha Macrina

I don’t see a place to sign up. Sorry! for my previous message. I would like more information


I see a place to sign up for this surprise vinyl


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