Stitch Happens Sew-Along Info

Stitch Happens Sew-Along Info


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Join me in January 2023 for this super HAPPY sew-along! We'll be making Kelli Fannin's Stitch happens quilt - which is so doable at only 37" x 40". I love that you can hang this on a wall OR make it a lap quilt with large borders. 

I made kits here if you're interested in BRIGHT HAPPY COLORS. I'll be showing more pics of this soon! This INCLUDES the pattern, fabric, and sew-along entry fee. 

Here is the entry fee + paper pattern if you're going to stash bust.

Here is just the entry fee if you already own Kelli's pattern.

Here is the pattern alone, if you're not one to join in sew-alongs. Understand you will not have access to the zooms, videos, or PDF downloads that accompany the sew-along. But you WILL be supporting 2 women-owned businesses! YAS

I can't wait to see you in January! Bring a friend, even if they are newish to piecing, I'm confident they will be able to build this quilt, and most importantly- have FUN doing it! 
This sewlaong will run the entire month of January. I pieced mine in just 2 days with lots of interruptions- so I know for sure you can get it done over 4 weeks.
**More info coming soon regarding scheduled streams, where to find videos, a schedule, and more.**

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All zooms are recorded, so you can re/watch at your leisure. It's way funner if you're there though, just sayin'. 
Only people that sign up for my sewalong will have access to the zooms, videos, tutorials, and the PDF guide. Amie calls the PDF a syllabus, but that sounds so importanttttttt. LOL!

Jan1st - zoom check in 6pm central time. 
Maybe some of you will be traveling or tipsy from the night before, so we won't do a ton on this zoom call. I'll show you the plan, layout the schedule of tasks, give you the PDF download I created to keep you organized on on schedule, and answer questions.

Jan 8 - zoom check in 6pm central time 
Cutting/labeling of quilt top begins. We will work through sections A,B,C,& D this week - I'll show you helpful tips to make sure your blocks are measuring correctly.

Jan 15 - zoom check in 6 pm central time 
This week we will work through E, F & G.

Jan 22 - zoom check in 6pm central time 
We will work through the H, I, J, K, & L sections this week. 

Jan 29 > zoom check in 6 pm central time
FINISHING WEEK! We will put all the sections together and add the table & borders. I will have a video to help you through quilting on your domestic machine if you want to do this. It's VERY manageable with some patience, a bit of  practice, and a dash of pluck. You can do it! 

I will be showing progress pics of your work all throughout the month, with your @handle on IG and FB. If you don't want me to @ you, please let me know.
I like to make a video montage at the end of everyone's quilts - I post this on social media and my YouTube. I love it when we can see the results of our hard work!!!! 😄  Let's go - sign up!

Please share this image on social media if you're in! 

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Is this a pieced pattern?

Jayree A Bell-Palmer

Quick question ….I’m getting shipping fees added for the $10 sign up. Is that for the cost to ship the pin? Just making sure…….all is good 🙂
Looking forward to the sew along!


It’s more than 1.25 yds of fabric Donna, as I would never send exactly what you need for the front anyway. I send extra fabrics for the front, I’m including the backing, the pattern, entry fee to the sewalong, and the finisher prize. Plus my 4 page PDF Guide with helpful instructions, scheduling, tips, and more. It’s WAY more than 1.25 yds. Thanks!

This INCLUDES the pattern, fabric, and sew-along entry fee.
Susan Scott

for the sew along, how much fabric is in the kit? is the kit 75 dollars? 1.25 yards of fabric should cost 55 dollars. thanks

Donna Fairchild

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