Santorini tote purse size version

Santorini tote purse size version

Fabric: Alexander Henry

Santorini tote PURSE SIZE version
Approx finished size 15.5” x 11” x 5”

Cover photo on You Tube looks like this.

Fabrics: Tula Pink & Alexander Henry. Vinyls and faux leathers in my shop here.

Here is the purse size Santorini tote that my Mom @buzybette on IG thought of and told me to do. She's so right!

It's the PERFECT size to carry around daily.

It's still large enough to hold all my essentials (being a Mom I seem to carry everyone's sh*t) --- while at the same time not so big I can't carry it into a Quick Stop for a jug of milk. You know what I'm sayin'.

My Mom made this pretty cork and rose gold crackle faux leather version. She used a teal color Batik fabric for the lining and it's just so pretty. I really think the zipper makes it shine too. It's a Sallie Tomato zipper that looks like metal but it's not!

I hope you love this size!

You will still need the pattern here for detailed step-by-step instructions. Plus it's nice to have a reference to go back to in times of "I NEED a sew but don't want to think too hard".

You have those moments right?

It looks like she could be having a moment like that too.

Tag me on IG if you make one! I'm @sewhungryhippie

I love featuring Makers.

Yes you can sell your bags on a home scale basis- no need to ask me. :)
I super appreciate the mention that it's my pattern so other Makers can get a copy. But if you forget I still love you.

Faux leather is SO easy to sew-thin enough for domestic machines.

The video walk through is here.

The PDF printer friendly
worksheet (steps only) is here.

I'll embed the video below but a lot of folks say it won't play on this blog. I'm not tech savy enough to know why. If you are, would you tell me? LOL

If you feel like making a tassel or two I posted this tutorial last week. They are addictive!

You can get the faux leathers and sew-able leather straps HERE in my shop. I carry some of the Tula fabric shown as well.

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