Round 1 Surprise Vinyl Club info

Round 1 Surprise Vinyl Club info

Hi! Here are the links for the first round of the Surprise Vinyl Club.

This first round ran July-August-September 2022 and was meant to be "classic" colors. Navy Blue, Denim Gray, and Bronze Metallic felt "always useful" and "always wearable", no matter the season. 

1. Month 1 Lamb's Leather (faux) in navy blue. Video is here.

2. Month 2 Denim Sparkle. Video is here.

3. Month 3 Moonglow Metallic Bronze. Video is here.


Round 2 will open October 23rd at 7am CST and we will close it 2 days later or whenever it fills up.

Watch for my weekly Sunday email for first dibs, or click the "notify me when available" button on the product page to get an automatic alert.


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I have LOVED all of the vinyls that were in the Surprise vinyl club!! Looking forward to the next one❤️❤️

Debra Chandler

Fun surprise vinyl club! The vinyls were very unique and classy. Reasonable price with free shipping, yay!


Vinyl was wonderful quality and so gorgeous. Can’t wait to create something amazing

Carol M

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