Fast Vinyl Santorini Tote sewing tutorial

May 11, 2018

Fast Vinyl Santorini Tote sewing tutorial

Summer = color pOp fun, and blue skies ---

and also BIG beach bags with swim suits and towels, sunglasses, and a great book. RIGHT?! :D

Lots of venues now are asking people to bring clear bags for security reasons. This is the world we live in, so let's adapt and remain positive. There is no other choice.

My answer to all that is to sew these large vinyl bags with zipper top closure in no time at all.

These totes are based on my Santorini Bag pattern is in PDF or color printed booklet here and here.

Colorful vinyl fabric available here.

I use all the same measurements as the regular size bag, omitting a lining and pockets. You can use any style strap or handle you choose.

The normal handles and strap applications are outlined in my pattern.

The strap application on the orange bag (pictured above) is outlined in this tutorial here- supplementing fabric rather than cork.

I just love being able to see everything at a glance.

No freak outs about losing my sunglasses or water bottle or (gasp) a swim suit bottom! LOL

Yes it's happened ...

I have TONS of vinyl sewing videos on my YouTube channel here.
CLICK THE VIDEOS TAB or you won't see them all listed.

If you're newer to sewing vinyl, my FREE GUIDE is here. You can print it out and keep it near by.

Note-- you will need a teflon sewing foot OR non-stick foot. This foot is a must in any vinyl sewing arsenal. SOME people have luck with scotch tape on the bottom of their regular sewing foot, but I don't. TOOLS MAKE a DIFFERENCE.

As for zippers-- I love using handbag zippers (long pull 4.5) because of their wider zipper tape. The larger handles on the ends allow easier grasping too.

I get all my zips from Zip It on Etsy.
Use coupon code "hungryhippie" for 10% off your order.

New to this vinyl stuff? There are tons of vinyl tutorials on this page.


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