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Easy Patchwork Pillow tutorial

February 19, 2019

Easy Patchwork Pillow tutorial
Nothing is happier to me than bright patchwork pillows and quilts! I LOVE them so much. I especially love how EASY they are. I can flip on a Netflix marathon or listen to an audio book and sew sew sew without having to think too much. Zone out to recharge batteries? YES PLEASE!
I feel you CANNOT mess up patchwork if you're using pretty fabric. I even throw in some uglies because that sets off the pretties even more. ANYTHING GOES. There is no right or wrong. This is multiple choice where EVERY choice is correct.
I add the pom pom trim because I MEAN WHY NOT?!! It ups the happy factor by 23456% in my book.
I have a limited number of kits in my shop here if you fancy EASY to the Nth degree.
You can literally grab the package when it arrives in the mail, rip it open with furvor, and commence sewing. YES -better than Amazon.
*I used left over batting from a quilt and PolyFill stuffing to make this pillow. Note that polyfill is poofier and lighter than a standard pillow insert. So if you're looking for a more dense feel, up-cycle an old pillow or insert and use that instead.
On my couch I prefer the light ones. ;)
To make this patchwork pillow you'll need:
(49) 3" squares of various brightly colored fabrics for patchwork
2 yards pom pom trim
(1) piece 18 x 18 scrap batting/wadding for patchwork front OR interface with SF101 or fusible fleece (helps keep patchwork strong and in place through repeated use and washings)
(2) pieces 18" x 18" piece scrap batting if making your own insert + polyfill stuffing
1/2 yard quilting cotton for back of pillow
1. Sew the squares right sides together at 1/4" seam allowance to make a row of seven.
Repeat this to make seven rows in total.
2. Sew rows together with 1/4" SA.
3. Place pillow patchwork onto a piece of batting/wadding and press. You may choose to use spray adhesive to hold it in place, but I did not. Baste around perimeter edge at 1/8" seam allowance to hold everything together.
4. Baste pom pom trim to outer edges. I use wonder clips to hold it in place while I sew.
5. Create envelope backing with the quilting cotton fabric. I cut mine into two pieces both 18" x 12" for a nice overlap when the pillow is together.
Fold one 18" edge in 1/2" and press. Fold again and press, then top stitch fold in place (in diagram this is the darker pink area).
Repeat for other piece. These two folded edges will face toward middle for the opening.
Need a tutorial on envelope backs? I have a short video here. Fast forward to 5 min 30 seconds in.
6. Place one envelope back piece right sides together with patchwork front so top stitched edge is towards the middle, and pin in place.
7. Place remaining envelope back piece on top of first piece, still RST with patchwork front so the top stitched edge is towards middle again. Pin in place.
8. Sew around entire pillow at 1/4" SA carefully avoiding sewing over pom pom balls and pivoting at corners. You may want to sew this seam twice for strength. Turn right side out.
Sew the two remaining pieces of batting (18" x 18") together leaving an opening of 5" for stuffing. Insert stuffing / Polyfill according to your poofy preference. Sew opening shut.
10. Stuff pillow with insert and poof as desired.
Make sure the envelope edges are flat and laying nicely. Press one last time.
Enjoy your new pillow in a sunny spot.
Tag me if you make one! I love seeing your makes - it fills my day with joy. I'm at @sewhungryhippie on Instagram or find me on Facebook here.
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